We sell phone systems!

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We sell phone systems!

We sell Phone Systems!

We can plan, install, setup, monitor and maintain a cost effective, flexible digital phone system that meets your needs. If you already have a VOIP system we can still help and may be able to save you money.

The big Phone Line switch off is fast approaching and it has become the “Elephant in the room” for a lot of small business.

What exactly is happening?

BT are turning off PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network).

Commonly known as the traditional landline setup you may have at your business. This will all be turned off by December 2025.

Any equipment that currently uses PSTN and/or ISDN will stop working.

Does this really affect me?

YES. If you have not made the switch to VOIP or SIP then you need to start planning and acting now.

In Very simple terms you need to go Digital. If you haven’t done it already then you need to replace your current phone system. The good news is we can help you.

Free Unlimited number of internal extensions

Free Digital Receptionist

Free Desktop App (For your Computers)

Free Mobile App (For you company mobile phones)

Provides an easy to maintain company wide phone book for your contacts.

You can see who is the phone and to whom.

If you like having a physical phone on your desk we do a range of very competitively priced Desk Phones. We can provide a range of wireless or wired headsets for use with the desktop app.

Have you made the switch to digital, but aren’t 100% happy?

What really annoys you about your current setup? Common gripes include:

Its not easy to add contacts that everyone in the business can see and use.

Current system is complicated and difficult to use.

When I’m out of the office I’d like my phone to come with me so I don’t miss important calls.

I’d like to be able to see who other people are on the phone too?

Contact us today for no obligation informal chat about your requirements.

3CX – Your Communications System
3CX is a robust, fully equipped communications system, which allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers – anywhere, anytime.

Here is a breakdown of why 3CX is the solution for your business:
● Telephony: Web client and mobile apps for remote working
● Video: Included in your system, no add-ons needed
● Live Chat: Talk with your customers in real time via your website or WhatsApp!
● SMS: Allow your customers to interact with you instantly
● Integrations: CRMs and Microsoft 365
● Low Cost: Save on your phone bills, add ons and hardware
● Flexible: Keep your numbers, choose your phones and your provider
● Secure: 3CX includes advanced security features

You can trial a fully equipped 3CX System today – Start HERE

Our team will gladly give you a quick demo and answer any questions!

3CX enables you to take your extension with you wherever you go. With apps for Android, iOS, web browsers and Windows, you are guaranteed to be kept in the loop, always and everywhere. What’s more, customers can instantly reach you directly from your website with the 3CX Live Chat and WhatsApp integration.