CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

CodeTwo Email Signatures is an email signature manager designed for Office 365. It enables you to design your own professional auto-signatures for the bottom of yours and your staff’s emails.  Below are some of the great benefits of using CodeTwo:

You don’t need to touch anybody else’s computers/devices
CodeTwo allows you to design different signatures for your staff and add them to their emails without them having to do anything! Great for if you want to add a special offer or an event at the end of everyone’s emails to promote it for a limited time.

No annoying ‘download images’ buttons
You know what I mean, and it is frustrating having to press a button just to see a company logo. However, with these email signatures – there’s none of that as images and logos are all added as hidden attachments.

Your signature under EVERY email
No more having to insert your signature every time you reply to someone’s email as signatures are automatically added under all emails including replies and forwards.

Nothing to install on the server
Explains itself really. No complicated fiddling with the server business – yay!

Preview your signature
Your signature is visible at the side of your email so that you can see what your email is going to look like and don’t accidentally send an email with an out of date signature!

Works on all your devices
Work phone, ipad or laptop? Your email signature is ready to be used on all your devices.

Simple to design
HTML editor available for non-IT staff so no complicated coding for you to figure out.

Safe and secure technology sends your email via CodeTwo services in Microsoft Datacenters. Your emails never leave these certified Microsoft Datacenters so don’t worry, no one can snoop through your emails!

Just some of the things you can add to your email signatures at a few clicks:

  • Logos, images, banners
  • One-click surveys
  • Social Media buttons
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Email marketing & analytics
  • And much more….

Contact us to talk through the further benefits of using CodeTwo Email Signatures and if you’re interested in using this fantastic software.