Nobody’s Perfect: A True Story – Crime, Punishment and Justice for all!

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Nobody’s Perfect: A True Story – Crime, Punishment and Justice for all!






Regular readers of these blogs will know that Friday night is wine night. There we were sitting on the couch – happy, relaxed and enjoying a movie. To our horror(!), the doorbell rang. We pondered if we should pretend to be out. From experience, we know that nothing good ever comes from a knock on the door at that time of night. However, as our offspring often forget keys or lose them while pouring themselves out of a taxi, we decided we had better answer the door. (Plus all the lights were on so I doubt we would have got away with it!)

We were right to be horrified. Our very good neighbour was informing us that my car (the other love of my life) had been attacked and was now sitting injured in the back lane of our street. I was dismayed and almost didn’t want to look. Steeling myself for the worst we discovered “Mad Max” had indeed been injured, keyed down the entire passenger side and boot!

Luckily enough the perpetrator was caught red-handed by another good neighbour. I can’t begin to tell you how violated and angry I felt. After being dragged down to the police station, the criminal has since come to my door to apologise and to pay for the damage. (To the Police’s credit they did refuse to tazer her despite angry pleas from myself!)

Knowing this had happened, I wanted to try and ensure it didn’t happen again or if it did, that we weren’t relying on good luck to catch those responsible. Luckily enough I know someone in the computer business! We now have CCTV pointing directly at my car. We had it up and running in 30 minutes with battery powered cameras (rechargeable) connecting to our house Wi-Fi. The cameras even have audio and I can’t begin to tell you how much better it makes me feel.

The cameras we have installed can send us an email or a notification straight to our phone when the motion sensor is activated. We can then see exactly what’s going on even if we are away from home.

We now have a sign up, warning neighbours that our property is protected by CCTV. The system we have installed is brilliant for covering an area such as a parking bay or back garden. The quality is excellent and yes, you can identify people from it. It’s not as expensive as you might think and was up and running in 30 minutes!

We offer several types of CCTV solutions suitable for small home installations to whole works yards or business coverage (internal and external). Give us a call today to discuss your requirements on 01228 590900.