National Clean Out Your Computer Day

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National Clean Out Your Computer Day





According to the National Day Calendar, every second Monday in February is supposed to be a day to take some time out of your busy schedule to care for your computer. Over time your computer gets clogged up and like anything, needs a good clean out and organise! Heres a few tips to get you started:

Save your important files properly
We all do it, quickly save a file that we’re working on to our desktop to find it quickly for when we next need to access it. However, this is a dangerous game. If your computer suddenly goes pop one day, this won’t be backed up and it’ll take you a lot more time and effort to recreate the file, than just saving it to your company’s drive on the server. Today, make sure you’ve saved anything you don’t want to lose, to your company drive.

Stop postponing that Windows Update
If you want your computer to be organised and up to date – its best to get your Windows Updates done. Why? Lots of programs you use need to be updated because of security. If you’re not on the latest version of a program/software, your information is not fully secure. If you’ve been postponing a Windows Update, why don’t you schedule it for when you’re leaving work today so that it doesn’t interrupt your work. Get in touch with any queries about your Windows Updates.

Sort out your emails
Delete old emails that you don’t have a valid reason for keeping (keeps you GDPR compliant too!) If you use Outlook, set up Rules to help deal with the constant flow of emails. This organises your emails automatically and makes it more obvious to see urgent emails that you need to action. For advice on setting up Rules, contact us.

For more advice and handy tips on getting organised on your computer, read our blog post at Contact us if you need any advice!