Is your Anti-Virus actually working?

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Is your Anti-Virus actually working?








We’ve all done it.
Bought a shiny new computer and paid for the Anti-Virus software that comes along with it. Then the lovely IT person has set it all up for us, we log on to our computer and never really think about it again. We’re covered.

…. NO! There is no point having Anti-Virus installed if you don’t check it is working and up to date.

Why do I need Anti-Virus?
Anti-Virus is to a computer what an immune system is to a body. It identifies viruses and nasty software and then protects the device from being infected. It can live without it for a short time but only until someone or something infects it. And then, you’re in trouble.

You need something that is going to defend you at all times. You should invest in good Anti-Virus software. Without protection you are making yourself a flashing target for something or someone to gain access to your computer and data. By data we don’t just mean your word documents. We mean anything you type into a web browser – your bank details, personal information, even your Netflix password!

Why can’t I just use any old Anti-Virus?
Not all Anti-Virus software is created equal. You might be tempted by free software. This could work fine on the surface, however you may find it slows your computer down so much that you get fed up of using it! Anti-Virus Software that works well for the home computer may not be the best solution for work, and vice-versa.

Here at Castle Computers, we have experience with lots of Anti-Virus software. We know exactly what we’re looking for when we choose one for us and what to recommend to our customers. With over 200,000 new viruses appearing every day (yes you heard me – 200,000 every day) networks are more vulnerable than ever. Your Anti-Virus needs to be smarter than ever.

It may be installed, but is it working?
Traditional or Standard Anti-Virus requires 3 things to work correctly. Firstly an internet connection. Secondly definition updates, and finally a valid subscription or licence. Without the above, your Anti-Virus will not be able to update itself and as such you will be unprotected against any newly identified threats.

We recommend you pay some attention to the little Anti-Virus icon which usually resides somewhere near the clock on your PC. Is it working? Is it up to date? Do you know how to check if you are protected? We are here to help, if you don’t know or aren’t sure – give us a ring, we can help you figure it out.

Next Generation Solution – Panda Adaptive Defense 36
Panda AD360 works differently to standard Anti-Virus with minimum impact on the performance of your PC. We recommend Panda AD360 for business use. It provides a service that accurately classifies every application in an organisation and only allows legitimate programs to run. It does not rely on definition updates to protect you.

Sound like something worth taking a look at?
There’s a lot more great features of Panda AD360 that we’d be happy to talk you through. Give us a call on 01228 590900 or email