4 signs that its time for a new computer

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4 signs that its time for a new computer

Following our last blog, sometimes we just need to accept the fact that we need to buy a new computer (however much we don’t want to!) We use computers so much at work that it can massively affect our productivity if our computer isn’t performing at its best.

Below are some pointers for when its time to invest in a new computer. If you’re not sure or want a second, honest opinion – get in touch with us.

1. Overall Slow Performance





Probably the most obvious reason – things are running slow and applications are taking forever to start up. You come into the office, turn on your computer and make a cup of tea before you can actually sit down and do anything. Sound familiar? This is a sign that there is either something really wrong or your PC is on its last legs. Think about how much time you and your users spend waiting for your computer to startup or load an application and weigh the cost of buying a new PC with the downtime and lost productivity.

2. Your fans are noisy





There are a couple of reasons this might be happening. It could simply be dirty and needs a good clean. However, this symptom can also be a sign of imminent failure! Your computer is struggling to keep up with everything it is being asked to do. Computers get hot – the more work that they do, the hotter they get. If they are being overstretched, that fan will be working hard and the working parts of your PC may not be getting cooled properly. At any moment that fan could fail, resulting in total meltdown. (This sounds more dramatic than I first intended nevertheless you need to be aware of the consequences.)

3. Struggling to multitask





Modern computers should allow you to run several applications at a time and you should be able to flick between them seamlessly. Are you playing the game where you juggle what applications you can have open?

Word + Outlook = Good
Excel Spreadsheet + Word + PhotoShop = No chance!

When you start seeing a noticeable delay when switching between applications, you should be taking steps to improve the performance of your computer.

4. Software Requirements





With an ever-present security threat hanging over our heads, people are becoming much more aware of the need to keep critical software up to date. The problem then comes when the new version of software won’t work on your old hardware with an old operating system. Read more about how to plan for this by introducing a rolling replacement schedule at https://bit.ly/2PnGZFg.

Contact us today for reliable, honest advice if any of your computers are showing these symptoms on 01228 590900 or email info@castle-computers.com