GDPR Software Solutions

Unfortunately there isn’t such thing as a piece of software that will make you completely GDPR compliant – although it would be helpful! However, there are certain measures that you can take to protect your network and the data it holds which will be a massive help on your journey to compliancy.

Encryption is the GDPR Buzzword. If you have data and it moves around outside of your organisation, then the data or the device its stored on should be encrypted.

You should be taking a backup off site:

– A cloud backup solution, check with your provider that it is encrypted.
– External USB Drives/Tapes or Memory Sticks, these should be encrypted.

Think about what data you have on USB Sticks within your organisation; should people be using them at all? They are a big security risk. However if it necessary to use them, you should consider using encryption to secure them in the event of loss or theft.

Anti-Virus & Network Security
GDPR fills the gaps in the current data protection legislation by handling how we deal with data stored electronically as well as paper copies. It is essential that you take steps to ensure basic cyber security measures are in place to protect your network and the data within.

You need good anti-virus software (not the free version!). It is not enough to have anti-virus software installed; you need to make sure it is working and up to date. Speak to us about the new generation of anti-virus.

Windows updates are now a fact of life and are important. You need to make sure ALL of your computers are applying these updates and that you address any errors or issues installing them.

Do you know what software is installed on the computers on your network? This is a great starting point for making sure you are as up to date as possible. It is also useful in identifying what data people in your organisation may be accessing and how many of them have unauthorised software installed.

We can provide software which monitors your entire network for all of the above.

Find out more about the importance of Cyber Security on our GDPR Cyber Security page.