Are you looking for a powerful EPOS system to maximise your business?
An Electronic Point of Sale system (EPOS) can add many benefits to your business. As well as simply letting people pay for goods or services, it offers greater convenience to your customers and can increase your sales. By synchronising your electronic point of sale with your accounts system, it allows for a completely efficient process from A to B.

EPOS systems ensure accurate pricing, faster transactions and reduces human error. Prices can be changed easily for any special offers whilst providing in-depth sales reporting. EPOS systems give tremendous flexibility depending on your specific business needs.

KCPOS is an integrated system – meaning it will always be aware of stock, enabling you to synchronise product details from a central location across multiple sites at once. You can automatically transfer product, pricing and customer account data whenever you need to without wasting any time. No matter what size your business is – a single store or a national enterprise with multiple locations, KCPOS will work for you.















Accounts Integration
KCPOS  works with accounts systems РSage, Exchequer, Access and Pegasus. Watch the video below to find out more about the accounts integration.


Key Features
KCPOS has some unique key features including:

  • Stock Management and Forecasting
    Manage stock with the ability to assign and reassign stock locations, predict stock levels, perform stock takes and price audits electronically without disrupting the system, as figures are updated and shared via automated integration with the accounts software.
  • e-Commerce Sync
    Develop a link between your accounts software, the point of sale, and your chosen e-commerce channels to create a business that trades around the clock benefiting from syncronised sales and financial data that remains updated throughout the system.
  • Loyalty
    Retaining customers with special offers and rewards is just the start as you build secure, detailed databases that enhance targeted marketing efforts and capture spending patterns, driving further business opportunities.
  • Bookings
    Efficiently manage the booking of venues & facilities, optimising their profitability and preventing double booking by storing customer details, utilising customisable diary features and ‘time locking’ allocations visible to users. The system even allows split payments for groups.
  • Business & System-Wide Reporting
    Drill down to the details of every branch, channel, point of sale or staff member using real-time data held in KCPOS. Whether you use built-in reports or customise them yourself it’s easy to analyse business performance and make more informed decisions.¬†

KCPOS will fully integrate with your back-office accounts software to create a complete business system which will reduce your costs and improve efficiency.
Read more about how KCPOS works with your industry here.

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