Sage 200

Sage 200 – What is it?
Sage 200 is software that puts you in control and allows you to achieve your business ambitions. It is a modern intuitive interface, that’s easy to navigate. Sage 200 is modular, you only buy the modules you need and it is fully customizable to your business processes.

What it can do for me…
-Offers one complete view of your business to help you make the right choices.
-Providing a solution from your back office accounts to your customer service delivery, allowing you to integrate existing apps or systems you already have in your business.
-Gives you the tools to run your business your way. Keep track of your cash flow, orders and stock as well as business performance.

Who is Sage 200 for?
Sage 200 software is for businesses with an average of between 10 and 200 employees with a typical turnover of £1m – £50m. It spans across all business sectors, particularly where more complex processes are used.

It’s ideal for growing businesses or, those requiring a greater depth of features to cater for more complex business processes.

It is perfect for:
-Businesses using customer-facing systems (Sales and Service)
-Accounting and project management
-Retail, wholesale and manufacturing
-Integrating with existing business application (desktop installed or cloud)
-Bringing all your disparate systems and/or spreadsheets into one solution, giving you a complete view of your business
-Configure, Customise and Integrate to build a solution around your business processes
-Financial management, Stock, Project Management, Timesheets and Manufacturing processes

We know that all businesses are different and sometimes you need to tailor your software to reflect your own ways of working:

New Excel reporting enables better analysis, more quickly in a familiar format and gives you more ways to analyse and make sense of data. Clever tools give you dashboards and graphs that are easily refreshable/ automated.

Sage 200 offers you an easy transition to gaining access to more functionality both for your accounts and to help run other areas of your business from stock and distribution to managing customers and sales.

All of this is integrated with your accounts and you can also choose to connect other systems e.g. credit checking, web shops, etc to get that clear view of your entire business.

You can customise screens and with role-based settings, you have more control over your business, automating key processes and ensuring appropriate levels of sign off.

More accounting features, including open/closed period accounting, analysis by different cost centres, three-tiered accounting system and more.

Do you have multiple sites or are in distribution? The system is designed to cater for your business allowing you to account by group and manage stock across different warehouses or locations.

For those customers in the service sector, the project accounting functionality delivers work in progress to help you manage projects and align costs throughout the project lifecycle.

With the new release, you have the latest Customer Relationship Module (CRM) that will help you manage your customers and business across teams and departments.

Want to know more?

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