Sage 200 FAQs

Sage 200 – Frequently Asked Questions


We can’t cope with the large downtime to adopt a new solution

Sage 200 has been designed for the UK market so the core financials and other modules are pre-built. The solution is then customised to meet the requirements of individual companies. This means the Sage 200 implementation time is minimal.

A full implementation project will be delivered and will be tailored around the needs of your business. This ensures that your day to day processing is not heavily impacted and delivered within the timelines you require.


Sage 200 is too large for our organisation – we won’t use all of the features

Sage 200 is modular which means you can build on the basic Sage 200 Financials platform to suit your business requirements. As you grow and/or diversify, additional modules and add-ons can be integrated into your existing Sage 200 solution.


The overall cost of investing in Sage 200 is too expensive

The benefits of implementing Sage 200 outweigh the costs and allow you to recoup the cost of the initial investment and we can offer Finance Options to cover the total cost of implementation.

  • Streamlining processes
  • Reducing labour costs
  • Minimising the cost of holding excess stock by improving the accuracy of stock management
  • Improving customer experience
  • Facilitating future growth by making business critical decisions based on accurate information
  • Improved productivity
  • Better inter-department communication


We don’t have the internal skills to be able to use this product

A full implementation project will include Training. Training will be onsite using your own data and will be tailored to your requirements and timescale.


We don’t have the time to implement the product

We will plan and implement for you. We will work closely with you to ensure that your day to day processing is not heavily impacted and delivered within the timelines required by the customer.

If you are migrating from Sage 50 Accounts, you will find the interface familiar and will be able to navigate effectively without any prior experience.


Why should I upgrade from my existing Sage 50 product?

Sage 50 is an off the shelf solution which is suitable for companies with simple accounting requirements. If your business is looking to manage more complex business processes or has increased in size you may need to consider a larger solution

Top reasons to upgrade to Sage 200 from Sage 50

If your business has:

  • Between 10 and 200 employees
  • A larger turnover or are a growing business with an increasing number of processes (or increasing complexity)
  • Has branched out into multiple sites\locations
  • Requires greater management information, reporting and analysis to provide insight for strategic planning
  • Become frustrated at amending business processes around Sage 50
  • Disparate systems across the business which are duplicating time and effort
  • An extensive delegation of finance tasks
  • Requires CRM to manage customers, greater Business Intelligence


Why should I upgrade from Line 100?

Line 100 was built on DOS technology which is no longer supported on modern operating systems and hardware. Newer, more effective software solutions like Sage 200 have been developed to meet modern business requirements and maximise the functionality available to customers. In addition to integration and support with the latest hardware and software, Sage 200 is much more functionality-rich and robust than Line 100.

If your business has:

  • Grown over the past few years and requires a solution that can integrate with existing business applications, whether they are desktop or in the cloud
  • Requires greater management information, reporting and analysis to provide insight for strategic planning
  • Outgrown the current technology and needs something more up to date, you may actively be looking to replace hardware across your business and this could be the perfect opportunity to upgrade everything at once


Why can’t I buy Sage 200 from Sage Directly?

Working with a Business Partner allows you to have a personal relationship with us from end to end, from pre sales, through the implementation process into support. By following this model we, as your business partner get to know your business inside and out, can deliver effective support, and will continue to do so as you grow.

Sage set high standards for Training & Accreditation that partners and developers are required to adhere to in order to sell and support Sage 200. This means Sage know our customers are in good hands.

We are very confident that we have all the knowledge and tools needed to implement Sage 200 and support you customers to the highest standard.