Microsoft Word Hidden Gems – Helping you get the most out of your Software.

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Microsoft Word Hidden Gems – Helping you get the most out of your Software.

Getting the most out of Word – Hidden Gems

Microsoft Word must be one of the most used tools in many offices today, most people are quite familiar with it and let’s face it it’s not rocket science, open type, print, repeat! There are however a few hidden gems which might save you time and effort.

Convert your table to a graph! Yep I’m still talking about Word.

So you have a nicely formatted Table, but the boss wants pictures. Highlight your Table. Choose the Insert Tab, then click on the little arrow beside Object. Choose Object Again. When the dialog box pops up find “Microsoft Graph Chart” in the list then click on OK. Voila! Pretty charts in Word!


Did you know you can “Paste” the last 24 things you “Copied”?

On the Home Tab, find the Clipboard section – there is a tiny little square in the corner – click it and your clipboard opens up. From here you can see items you have last copied and can paste them all at one time into your current document or one at a time if you prefer.



Save heartache – Setup AutoSave

We’ve all done it, so focused on the job at hand, hours of typing then the phone rings and you step away from the document you’ve spent hours typing and formatting. We all know we should Save often, but if you struggle to remember then setting up Words AutoSave feature could just be your saving grace.

From the File Tab choose Options, then click on Save from the list on the left hand side. You can set your AutoSaves to happen as often as every minute if you so wish and choose the location so if the worst does happen you can find your AutoSaved document should you need too.



One last little gem before I go especially useful if you are writing instructions such as these – Use the Insert Screenshot feature to take screen clippings and insert them straight into your word document.

From the Insert Tab, click on Screen shot, then choose, ScreenClipping. Use your mouse to draw a rectangle around the part of your screen want to insert into your document.