50 Tips for Sage 50

50 Tips for Sage 50c Accounts

 01. Bank feeds

You can use bank feeds to download live bank transactions into your software and compare them to your transactions in Sage 50c. Match transactions up and make sure nothing has been missed.

 02. Cloud Backup

Back up your data automatically to Microsoft OneDrive for that extra peace of mind.

 03. Emailing invoices

Save paper and postage costs and speed up your invoicing at the same time. You can email invoices and reports direct from Sage 50c.

 04. Drillable reports

When looking at reports it’s always useful to know exactly where the figures come from. Drillable reports give you that information in a click.

05. Microsoft Office 365 Help Centre

Sage 50c is linked to Microsoft Office 365.  Dedicated Help centre to address common Office 365 queries.

 06. Schedule your backups

Taking regular backups is vital when protecting your data against corruption or computer failure. In Sage 50c Accounts you can schedule backups to run automatically and you don’t even need to log other users out of the software! Protect your data and save time with this fantastic feature.

 07. Check your data

The check data option helps you to keep your data in good shape. Running it regularly means you can spot any issues early and tackle them quickly. We recommend running it regularly, especially when you create backups.

 08. Shortcut keys

Accelerate your data entry by using the shortcut keys. In the batch entry windows, F8 deletes a line while F6 copies the field above.

09. Support and training

Online help and support at your fingertips. Just visit www.sage.co.uk/help, choose your product and explore.

10. Quick Print

Print invoices with just one click, find out how to set up this time saving feature

11. F1 Help

For help at any time, relevant to the area of the software you’re using, just press F1.

 12. Tech Support Twitter feed

For the latest hints and tips, help and support through social media, follow @askSageUKI

 13. Demo data and Practice Data

Want to try something without affecting your live data? Your software comes with dummy companies to help you do just that.

 14. Recurring entries

If you make regular payments like standing orders or direct debits you can save time by setting themup just once as recurring entries. 
15. Credit invoice in one click
You can generate credit notes based on the invoice they are crediting. No need to re-key the information.
16. Hide deleted transactions

Can’t see the wood for the trees? You can opt to hide your deleted transactions to clarify your data.

17. Sage Capture

Cut down on paperwork and link photographs of invoices and receipts to transactions in your software with the Sage Capture app
18. Add negative values to invoices

Did you know with Sage 50c you can now add negative values to your invoices?

19. Quick Search

Locate records quickly without needing to build a full search or filter.

20. Transaction detail

The View Transaction option gives you a full breakdown of the transaction details in just one click.

21. Year End Help Centre

Running your year end? Sage have got a help centre designed to guide you through this process. Visit now >

22. Batch reporting

Run the same reports one after another every month? Why not run them once as a batch instead?

23. Quick email

Email invoices, quotes and orders with just one click.

24. View users

Want to know who’s logged in? Just click View then click User List.

25. Analysis fields

Need to enter your own codes or references? We include custom fields in the software so you can.

26. Configure shortcuts – Function keys

As well as the standard shortcut keys, there are two that you can configure to do what you want.

27. Duplicate option

If you’re creating a lot of records or invoices that are very similar, don’t forget the Duplicate option. Simply select the item you want to copy then click Duplicate.

28. Batch changes

If you want to change the same field on a number of records, Batch changes is useful tool.

29. Global changes

If you want to change financial values, for example, increasing budgets by a percentage, you can use the Global Changes wizard.

30. Price lists

You can set up price lists for an individual customer, groups of customers and by product. It’s a great way of controlling discounts and pricing.

31. Foreign Trader

Trading abroad? The Foreign Trader options are available as standard in the Professional and Client Manager versions of Sage 50c. In other versions you can buy Foreign Trader as an add on.

32. Nominal Link

If you use Sage 50c and Sage Payroll you can link them together using the Nominal Link, automating the posting of your salary journals.

33. File import

Sometimes you need to bring information into Sage 50c that has been produced elsewhere, maybe in other software. The Import option can help you do this. 

34. Send to Excel

Want to export your data to Microsoft Excel?

35. PDF passwords

In Sage 50c you can create reports and letters in a PDF format that can be secured with a password.

36. Reconcile your bank account

Keep on top of what’s going in and out of your bank account by reconciling regularly.

37. Configure your columns

You may not always need all of the default columns on the list windows. You can hide the ones you don’t want  and add some that you do.

38. Lock date

Finished your reporting and want to stop postings back into earlier months? Use the Lock Date.

39. Use colour on alternate lines in lists

With multiple rows of data it sometimes tricky to stay on the right line. You can add a bit of colour to alternate lines to make it easier. Just click Tools, Options and then click Colours. Click the dropper for the module you want to colour, then choose a colour from the palette.

40. Submit your VAT Return online

You can send your UK VAT Return directly to HMRC from within Sage 50c. Saving time and postage costs.

41. Archive your data

Archives are a useful way of creating a snapshot of your business data, great for running retrospective reports.

42. Favourite your reports

Sage 50c has a huge range of reporting options, but there may be just a few reports that interest you. You can Favourite them to make them easier to find when you need them. Simply find your report and click the star next to it. The report now appears in the Favourites list for that module.

43. Selecting multiple records

You can use a windows style method of selecting multiple records in Sage 50c.

44. Simple layout rename description

Need to change the description of a layout, maybe make it easier to spot? Just right-click the description and click Change name and description.

45. Auto updates

Make sure your software is always up to date by enabling auto updates. Click Tools then click Internet Options and make sure Automatic is selected.

46. Sage Pay

Sage Pay is the single solution for your payment needs. Get paid quickly and efficiently and it’s all integrated with Sage 50c.

47. The Sage Business Community

Join the Sage Business Community, pick up tips from peers and share your insight.

49. Free reports

If you have Sage Cover Extra, you’re entitled to three, free, customised reports each year.

50. Monthly newsletter

With a Sage 50C Support or Subscription contract you’ll receive a monthly newsletter packed with news, and even more hints and tips for your software.